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Fulufjället, Day 4 🌲✨⛰️ Our last day in Fulufjället was upon us, and we had to make our way down to the park entrance. On the way we kept an eye out for a couple of really old grave monuments that the cabin host had told us about the day before. They were supposed to be two piles of rocks overlooking the valley below, but it was quite hard to distinguish them from the larger pile of rock they were built on top of 🤷🏼‍♀️ In the end we think we found them. The tiny tree received a few celebratory hugs, as it represented our successful return from the fjäll. We wrapped up the adventure with some delicious and very well deserved pizza at Särna pizzeria! 🍕💕 The end! ... #Fulufjället #FulufjälletsNationalpark #OldTjikko #Rösjöstugorna


Fulufjället, Day 3 - Part 2 ✨🌲✨ Next stop was Old Tjikko, a 9000 year old tree. Well done, Tjikko! He was quite hard to find; we had to ask some other hikers for directions (and we strongly suspect that they had, in fact, NOT seen Old Tjikko 🙈). But, once we found him there was no doubt about it. This was it - the tree, the myth, the legend. ✨🌲✨ Three happy hikers returned home to our cabin. ... ... #Fulufjället #FulufjälletsNationalpark #OldTjikko #Rösjöstugorna


Fulufjället, Day 3 - Part 1 🌊✨🌲 Njupeskär waterfalls. As we started our hike already on the fjäll, we got to see the upper parts of the falls first. We found our perfect lunch spot right by a smaller stream on the mountain side, and after some pasta pesto with an amaaazing view we continued our climb down to see the falls in their full glory ✨🌊✨ ... ... #Fulufjället #FulufjälletsNationalpark #Njupeskär


Fulufjället, Day 2 - Part 3 🌸🌲🌊 From Lorthån we continued back home to our cabin, past Stora Getsjön. The whole fjäll is filled with broken apart pieces of rock, usually overgrown by layers of moss but clearly visible in the lakes. The day ended with hajk-banan and a glorious sunset over the fjäll while we planned the next day's hike🍌🍫✨


Fulufjället, Day 2 - Part 2 ⛰️🌲✨ We followed the orange markings and eventually found Lorthån: a tiny cabin in a huge marshland. Inside the cabin was a guest book and an emergency box with some tools, toilet paper and whatever else a lost camper might need 🤷🏼‍♀️ We also found a couple of campers who were out of fuel for their dinner, so we shared our T-röd (for some reason we had enough for several weeks) 🍾


Fulufjället, Day 2 - Part 1 ✨⛰️🌲 After breakfast we headed off for a day hike to Lorthån. We passed Gräsloken, Olaloken, and a few other lokes, and found an amazing lunch spot right next to a cute little stream ✨


Fulufjället, Day 1 ⛰️🌲✨ It's time for the yearly hiking diary by yours truly 😎 This time some pictures from our hike in Fulufjällets national park! Our goal for the first day was to arrive at Rösjöstugorna, which would be our base for the next few days of hiking. The weather kept changing as we went up the mountain, and we passed a few streams with drinkable fresh water 🌊 All across the fjäll you could find rocks with a particular wave pattern on them. This pattern had formed when the rocks were part of the sea floor! 🌊⛰️🐠


✨ Sponsored collaboration with Netflix ✨ Fan art time! 😍 Joyce Byers, as portrayed by the amazing Winona Ryder, is without a doubt my favourite character from Stranger Things. When @NetflixNordic reached out to me to create an artwork inspired by the show, my thoughts immediately went to Joyce surrounded by the iconic Christmas lights. It was important for me to highlight her strength and determination - she is clearly falling apart from grief and confusion, but refuses to give up even when the odds pile up against her. A very well crafted and inspirational character 💕✨ ... Also hey, isn't this exciting?!☝️😱 As a long term fan of the show, I'm very happy for the opportunity to do this collaboration 😁 The painting will be exhibited at a Stranger Things event in Stockholm on August 15th and in Copenhagen on August 22nd! The fan art campaign is open for everyone, so tag your artwork using the #StrangerThingsNordic tag and hope to see you there 😊 #StrangerThings  #WinonaRyder #JoyceByers #AcrylicPainting  #illustration


✨🌲 Lake painting! 🌲✨ ... #aquarelle #watercolour #nature #pleinair #pleinairpainting #artistsoninstagram #midsummer


Preparations for lake painting! ✨🌲✨ ... #aquarelle #watercolour #nature #pleinair #pleinairpainting #midsummer #artistsoninstagram