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My life as a Game Design & Graphics student

2016 > 05

Hello and welcome back!

Team Dream Dust are now at the sixth week of development, and the game has got a fantastic new name: SLUMBER!

During these past weeks I have worked on a lot of different things, including the game's logotype as seen below and on the right! Since Slumber is set underwater we wanted to show that in the logotype somehow. Our first thought was to depict our main character, the Nudibranch, in the logotype as the game centers around it, but if you don't already know what a nudibranch is you're more likely to associate it with regular ol' land snails and less likely to associate it with anything underwater. Tricky.

So we thought some more. What about fish? That makes a lot of sense, since the main goal of the game is to befriend different kinds of fish. Fish also make great S's, which is excellent for this purpose!

I then continued to put it all together, including pretty watercolour textures that are featured a lot in-game, as well as our blue-phobic colour scheme (more on that in another post, but in short it's because blue light makes you less tired). We had to make some adjustments to the fish in order to make sure the logo read as SLUMBER instead of LUMBER, and after some feedback from our Lead art I also added the tail to the R at the end to balance the whole thing out. Neat, right!