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My life as a Game Design & Graphics student

2014 > 09

This is the delayed first post about my first week at the Game Design & Graphics program at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.

Aside from all the fun welcoming ceremonies here at the island, there are currently two active courses: the first one being Introduction to Game Design and the second one being Written and Oral Communication. Our first assignments included analysing the classic game Space Invaders in terms of Objects, Properties, Behaviours, and Relationships between objects. The assignment got rather messy as there was not really any right or wrong way to do it, and how you analyse it depends on the viewpoint from which you look at the game.

We also discussed Dungeons & Dragons, which is a role-play board game that is the inspirational source for many other board games and role-play games today. We generated our own characters in the game, and then played the game together using our generated characters. Playing with our characters meant we got to experience the mechanics of the game, and to see how differences in stats change the gameplay for the different characters. This was a very interesting assignment, and the group that I played with decided to keep playing D&D on a weekly basis.

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