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My life as a Game Design & Graphics student


Since the beginning of November, I have participated in a course about 2D graphics. It has been very interesting and in some ways challenging as well. Getting back into the habit of sketching a little each day has been great, as well as the opportunity to do life drawing once a week. 

During the first part of the course, we recieved two different game concepts from which we got to choose one, and then we were assigned to draw 20 different character sketches for the chosen concept. I chose the concept Clash of Heavens 2. Out of the sketches, we then got to choose one character to refine, and to take through different production stages including construction, line art, and lighting during the rest of the course. Here follows a short presentation of and thoughts about my chosen character Asima the Protector, together with a construction sketch and a character turn-around.


"I picked the jackal head character Asima because I liked the silouette the jackal head gave her. It felt interesting and easily recognizable for potential players. I liked the idea that this and other Egyptian characters in the game would appear a little bit aloof and dignified, and I felt like this would be easily achiavable with this character without too much costume detail to distract from her powerful pose. I wanted to keep her design simple, and also make her to appear strong enough not to need too much accessories. The fact that Asima has a jackal head makes her stand out, and makes it evident that she is more than a human, which is also something that I wanted to achieve. It also brings a sense of eeriness and intelligence to the character, which goes well with her intended purpose as a ”thinker” character rather than a combat-oriented one.

I wanted to make the egyptian influences quite obvious on this character, as she is one of several playable "Otherworld" avatars for the character Ameera, who also originates from Egypt. I got a lot of inspiration from the egyptian god Anubis. I also added a line pattern to Asima's jewellery, and made it very angular to fit the style of old egyptian paintings. A snake bracelet was added to symbolize cleverness, and a big bracelet on the other arm to show how powerful this character is. The clothes of the character were inspired by egyptian clothes on old paintings, and deliberately kept clean and stylish not to distract from her pose. I wanted my character's pose to signal confidence and dignity, which is why I chose to make it open, with her head held high and arms stretched out to the sides - comfortable with taking up space."

Last weekend some classmates and I joined the Gotland Game Jam, which is a 43 hour event where you simply make games.

The theme for the event was "Two Button(s)", and we made the game Super Mash Buttons which is a two-player game where you play as buttons fighting each other. Our game came in second place and recieved generally positive feedback, which was a lot of fun!

Here is a link to the game, feel free to try it out and leave feedback or comments! During this project, I had the role of Lead Artist.

Gameplay example from Super Mash Buttons

Last week, the 2D course started here at Campus Gotland - oh the joy! We started off by spending a couple of days life drawing, and reading about how to catch the "essence of a pose". I've been doing some life drawing before I started here, but this is the first time I understood that the most important thing is not to "copy" the model in front of you, but to draw the feeling, the esesnce, of the pose. Starting by quickly drawing the flow and the dynamic in the pose, and then going about adding volume to it, I think my drawings ended up better than before! .

2 minute, 10 minute, and 5 minute poses
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This is the delayed first post about my first week at the Game Design & Graphics program at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.

Aside from all the fun welcoming ceremonies here at the island, there are currently two active courses: the first one being Introduction to Game Design and the second one being Written and Oral Communication. Our first assignments included analysing the classic game Space Invaders in terms of Objects, Properties, Behaviours, and Relationships between objects. The assignment got rather messy as there was not really any right or wrong way to do it, and how you analyse it depends on the viewpoint from which you look at the game.

We also discussed Dungeons & Dragons, which is a role-play board game that is the inspirational source for many other board games and role-play games today. We generated our own characters in the game, and then played the game together using our generated characters. Playing with our characters meant we got to experience the mechanics of the game, and to see how differences in stats change the gameplay for the different characters. This was a very interesting assignment, and the group that I played with decided to keep playing D&D on a weekly basis.

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