Can a game make you sleep better?

Spring has arrived, and with it the last course of the semester: Big Game Project! This is a course that allows us students to work on creating a part of a game (a so called Vertical Slice), that we then can show to other people and be like: "hey, if you like this we can make more of it, so that's why you should give us all of your ca$h".


So, since this is a PrettyBigDeal, I've been working since last fall with a particular project that goes under the working title Nudibranch (EDIT: It's now called Slumber, and you can find its official webpage here). I had the idea for this game when I was lying in bed trying to sleep, but failed miserably. After an hour of tossing and turning I picked up my phone to play a little bit of Hearthstone, but of course that did not make me any sleepier. Rather, the opposite happened, and I stayed up for at least two more hours because I was hooked in the game, and when I finally put it down I still wasn't tired. So I started thinking....

"What if there was  A Game That Would Make Me Sleep Better...?
...a game that I could play before going to bed, which might actually make me sleepier? I wonder if there are any games like that..." 

There weren't.

So I gathered up a crew, and now we're making one, and it's called Nudibranch! This is my Personal Blog during this project, and you can also find our developer's blog here!

More info on the actual game in my next blogpost, where I will also answer the Very Important Question: What is a Nudibranch, and why are we making a game about them? (hint: those may or may not be Nudibranchs in the picture below.)


Above: Concept images of Nudibranchs.
Above: Concept images of Nudibranchs.

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