Week 7: Armour animation

Above: Early concept sketch of armour

This week I have worked on one of the major power-ups in our game – the steampunk armour. The player can find the armour standing around in the mansion, and when picked up, the player puts it on and continues the game wearing the armour. This creates the need for a second set of player animations, where the character wears the armour, which is what I've been working on.

As the armor was one of the most interesting power-ups that were described in the concept document, I started concepting it already in the beginning of the course (see image above). I used one of those old sketches as a reference when I started making the animation this week.

As all the props in the game are pictured from a full front perspective, I started by making a front view picture of the armour as well, in order to get an object that the player can find and equip. After that, I started working on the animation of the armour – this time from the side.

We want a steampunk style for our game, so therefore a lot of references for steampunk stuff were used in the design process of this armour. The brass colour that we use for a lot of things in the game (including Otto's shell) is actually based on the same early sketch that I used as reference this week. The colour was chosen in order to be childish and playful hence the brightness and saturation, but to also match the steampunk brass theme. This hopefully makes the armour less scary-looking for our target audience (kids), and fits it into the steampunk style. To further steampunk-ify it, I added some green lamps, a pipe, and leather details. The finished armour ended up looking almost exactly like the concept sketch of the armour.

Now to the actual making of the armour! One of the most important things to think about was to make sure the armour looks like the caracter could fit inside it. I used a sprite for the thief character and painted the armour on top of that, but on a new layer (line art and colour on different layers). As the armour is made partly out of brass, it would not allow our character to use the same sneaky, hunched-over walking style that he usually does. Instead, I needed the walk to be a lot more stiff, with a straight back. To illustrate this best, the character has only two different leg positions. 

To avoid the problem of animating a tail in armour, and also in order to achieve a more comical effect that appeals to kids, I decided to let the tail stick out of the armour, and sway along as the character walks.

The armour comes in two variations - one with the lamps working, and one with the lamps not working in order to illustrate HP damage after one hit from Otto. As the working lamps are bright green which is a contrasting colour to orange, the change in HP would hopefully be easy to read for the player.

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