Week 6: Death animation

This week I have worked on making a death animation for our main character, the fox. In our game, the player is trying to sneak around the mansion without getting detected by Mr Otto von Fancy. If they get detected, Mr von Fancy will hunt the player down, and shoot them with his tesla gun, thus ending the game.

Last week, we presented the alpha of our game in front of the rest of the class, and the feedback we recieved included that the game was almost too scary, considering our target audience is kids. One thing that was mentioned was that we should take inspiration from kids cartoon shows on TV for the movements and animations of our characters, in order to make it less scary. Taking this into account, and the fact that Otto is using a tesla gun that shoots bolts of electricity at the player, we decided that we wanted our death animation to look like one of those comic deaths when the character gets struck by lighting. In these, you usually see like an x-ray of their skeleton, together with some lightning flares and a buzzing sound. This would achieve the kids comic feel that we are going for, and the unrealistic death would also help make the game less scary (hopefully).


I started by looking at some references, such as this  and this.

I also looked at this video as a reference for the blue surrounding electrizity.

As for the how, I used my previous animations of the walking fox as a template, and drew the skeleton on a separate layer on top of that. I used pictures of fox skulls as reference for the skull shape, and then added a black zig-zag shape underneath. I considered making the black blob a plain silhouette of the fox, so that the jagged parts would represent its fur raised as a result of the electricity. However, this meant that the parts where the fox is wearing cloghes would be straight and not jagged, and as I tried this out I realized it looked pretty strange. Therefore I looked at even more references, and decided that the blob instead would represent the electicity itself, and be a little bit bigger than the character himself. This would also mean that the entire thing could have jagged edges, and it did in fact look much better. To achieve the crisp jagged edges, I used the polygon lasso in photoshop in order to create the shape, and then filled it in with black colour.

The blue surrounding electricity flares were created on a separate layer, where I painted the light blue flares first and then added the glow in "layer properties" using the setting for "outer glow". There I changed the colour of the glow to medium blue instead of the light yellow preset. Two sets of flares were created to match the two different fox poses, and I made them similar to each other in order to create a feeling of consistency even though they are different from each other. I want it to feel like the flare is in fact one flare that is changing a little bit in between the two images, instead of two completely different flares. The flares are heavily referenced from the video posted above.

As I had problems making the GIF work properly on the website this week, you can see the full animation here.

Etiketter: 5sd033

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