Week 5: The Turtle Otto von Fancy

This week I have worked on the Otto animation. I started out making a sketch of the turtle in Photoshop, and then animated the sketch into a walk cycle. This was done in order to see that the movement flowed the way I wanted it to, before continuing on to animating the turtle in a more detailed state.

As the turtle is both old, is supposed to be scary, and make noise when he walks (for the player to hear and respond to), I wanted to make his walk kind of choppy and non-smooth. Therefore, after completing the first walk cycle and noticing that the walk ended up too smooth, I had to reduce the amount of images in the animation. I removed some in-between steps to achieve the right feeling in the movement. I also altered his facial expression compared to the earlier sketches, and made his eyes bigger and angrier with exaggerated eyebrows, in order to communicate his angry personality clearly to the player even though the character himself is pretty small on the screen.

I left out Otto's arms in the original animation, as I find it easier to animate them at a later stage, as separate objects. At the moment the arms still need some work, and therefore I have chosen not to include them in the GIF.

After the animated sketch of Otto was done, I started doing a more detailed version of the line art. When one movement phase was done, I used that layer and copied it with transformations applied to the other layers in order to save some time, and also to make sure that the details looked the same and had the same proportions in all the pictures. However, transforming a layer made the lines kind of ragged and pixel-y in the edges, so some smoothing-out was required before they looked good again. After that, I used an earlier sketch of Mr. Von Fancy as a reference for picking colours. Again I used one layer in Photoshop for the colours, and copied it to the other layers with some transormations.

When one full colour and line-art walking cycle was done, I flipped the image horizontally to make an animation for walking in the other direction. Some changes had to be made to the shell of the turtle, as it is asymetrical in its details. Just like in the previous steps, I made one shell picture that I copied and used for all the layers.  

Above: Otto walk animation.

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