Week 4: Introduction to Game Design

Hey y'all!

During this course (Introduction to Game Design), each team will make a Space shooter game. These games will be based on any of the other teams' concepts that were developed during the previous game design course. Our team's chosen concept is Fancy Mansion, which is a sneak game where you try to steal stuff from a mansion in the middle of the night, without getting detected and shot dead by the owner of the mansion. The game has a few comical elements to it, and will be made in a cartoony, antropomorphic style so as to appeal to a younger audience (around 10 years old).

This week I have worked on the Thief character of our game, which is also the player avatar. The character design has been developed during previous weeks, with a racoon as the chosen animal to represent the thief. This decision was based on the general burglar-y look of the animal, with the stripes on the tail and the mask-looking dots on their eyes, which will enhance the thief-y look of the character. However, since our main protagonist is going to be a turtle, a few people made the connection to another game called Sly, which none of us had heard of before. In this other game, they also have a racoon and a turtle as main characters, so therefore we decided that we need to change one of our characters. As the entire group really like the turtle concept, we decided to change the racoon into something different. We all agreed that a fox would suit the game just as much, as they are traditionally seen as sly, clever creatures that could very well be sneaky and stealthy. They also look similar to the racoon, form-wise, so it would be an easy fix.

I also worked on the animation of the Thief character, to get a basic walk cycle done. This was done in Photoshop using the timeline tool to put the right moves in the right order, and different layers for the different stages of the walk cycle. I took the 12 principles of animation into consideration when making it move, applying some overlapping action in the tail – as it bounces along when the character moves. However, as the walk turned out quite ”trotty”, and not as sneaky as I would have liked it, I will continue to work on the walk cycle in order to get the right feeling in it. This could be done through leaning the character forward a bit, hunching it over as if it was sneaking. The arms could be raised a bit as well, to accentuate that the character is trying to be very careful and sneaky. I might also change the footwork of the character, to give it a bit more of a careful step.

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